Why kiln dried?

Kiln dried hardwood logs offer real advantages over normal seasoned logs and are the most efficient wood available for log burners or open fires.

The main advantages of kiln dried hardwood logs are:

1. They produce more heat than standard logs

Our logs have a very low moisture content meaning no energy is lost evaporating water, so more energy is emitted as heat.

2. They burn more efficiently and for longer

The kiln drying process leaves the logs very dry meaning a ferocious fire is not needed to burn off excess moisture.  This means the air vents on your log burner can be closed up for a much more controllable, slow burn.

3. They are easy to light

As they are so dry you need only a bit of scrunched up newspaper and some kiln dried kindling and your fire is lit in seconds.

4. They burn cleanly

Less moisture means a lower throughput of air and a cleaner burn, these benefits combined mean your flue or chimney will stay significantly cleaner for longer.


The kiln drying process

The kiln drying process removes excess moisture from felled timber in an environmentally friendly way.

There are only a few simple steps from felling to your fire:

  1. Ash, beech and oak trees are felled as part of a sustainable woodland management programmes in the local area. 
  2. Felled timber is transported to our yard near Northleach.
  3. This wood is cut to the most popular log sizes using a mechanical splitter and chainsaw.
  4. Logs are placed in the kilns for three days. These are fuelled by woodchip burners which blow hot air into the kilns so drying out the logs, and making good use of wood by-products that would otherwise go to waste.
  5. Dry logs are delivered to the customer.

Raw materials

In the yard